What You Need for Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

What You Need for Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Have you ever wanted a minimalist living room design? With this style, too much is left up to the space itself. If your living room is large, a minimalist approach will only highlight its limitations. On the other hand, if you are cramped for space, a minimalist design can be perfect for your home. With these ideas in mind, here are some tips on how to get started with a new minimalist living room design. Let’s get started!

Color Palette: The first thing you need to consider when you want to incorporate a minimalist living room design is your color palette. While more colors will create an illusion of more space, sticking to neutral colors like white, gray, black, brown, dark green and others will make your space appear larger and give it a sleek, modern vibe. Avoid blues, greens, reds, yellow, orange and brighter colors, as they tend to make your rooms seem dated. As with most minimalist interior design, opt for clean lines and minimal decorative elements.

Lighting: While most people are accustomed to having a TV in their bedrooms, minimalist bedrooms will actually benefit from something more. Because of a smaller space, you may want to light the walls so you can use natural lighting instead of artificial lighting. If you can’t afford a professional light installation, then use bulbs with a high wattage but low voltage, which are known as LED. This will give off just enough light to brighten the room, without consuming a lot of energy.

Flooring: Since a minimalist living room design often discourages the use of heavy, carpet-like flooring materials, you might want to consider bamboo flooring. Bamboo floors are known for being a durable, eco-friendly material that can withstand stains and scratches, which are great if your home happens to be a trendy, used-to-be place. However, if you don’t have kids or pets, then this isn’t a good option for you. If neither of these is an issue, then hardwood floors are great for a minimalist living area.

Walls: Try and stay away from bold, dark colors. Instead, opt for warm, neutral colors like white, gray, beige and brown. These color choices also go well with most decors, and they won’t look too bold or garish. The key to a minimalist interior design is the consistent use of neutral colors.

Table and Floor Lamp: A floor lamp with a soft glow is a must for a minimalist living room design. You can find all sorts of lamps with different shades and finishes. Some are made of glass, others are made of stone, while some still are made of plain wood. You should also consider a table that doesn’t stand out in the middle of your living room. A simple table, made of wood or metal, is enough. Your table could also double as a serving table (in case you’re entertaining guests), so make sure that it blends with the rest of the pieces of furniture.