Tala Push & Push Fresh Container Set

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This Tala Push and Push Fresh Container Set is your perfect companion for having your favourite meals on the go. This one of a kind set contains all the containers you will need to store and transport you left-overs. With their innovative heat resistant wings that stay cool even when your food is piping hot, each box is also effortlessly easy to retrieve from the microwave. It is 100% leak-proof so that it can securely store foods like sauces, soups, and stews with ease. Each box is built to last, making them microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. The crystal clear BPA free lids give a premium look, as well as allowing you to identify what is stored inside without opening the box. Features and Benefits Complete Set-Includes all you will need to for storing and warming up left over meals. Leak Proof-Making for a mess-free lunch on the go, whether it is salad with a dressing or even soup. Heat-resistant Wing-The containers can easily be removed from the microwave with its wings that stay cool. Specifications Set of 5 Sizes: 230ml, 400ml, 550ml, 800ml, 1100ml