This Tala Egg Set has everyhting you need to make all things egg, poached, boiled, scrambled or fried. This one of a kind set contains all the key items that will make the process quick and easy. Included in the set, the Tala Stainless Steel Egg Topper is the simple way to remove the top from boiled eggs with no mess. With the Non Stick Egg Poacher, Simply hang the cup around the inside rim of your saucepan to help make the perfect, smooth and fluffy poached eggs. The Tala Egg Slicer is an ideal addition to help prepare egg salads and sandwiches. Poaching eggs is not always the easiest task for many cooks to achieve, but the Tala Poachette ring makes the task easier and takes away the guesswork. Simple to use, place in a pan with about 2cm of boiling water, crack an egg into the centre of the ring and turn off the heat. After around 2 minutes you’ll find that you have a perfectly poached egg without resorting to swirling the water The handy egg timer changes colour when the cooking time is over so you can be sure your egg is cooked to perfection. This fun Tala egg shaped nylon spatula with stainless steel handle and egg ring makes cooking and flipping fried eggs easy work. This egg white separator removes yolk from egg whites with ease and is an essential kitchen gadget. Features and Benefits Complete Set–Includes all you will need to make great eggs. Stylish–The matching set will add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. Durable–The set includes items made from quality materials including silicone and stainless steel, that will last in your kitchen. Specifications Set of 8 What’s Included 1 x Tala Stainless Steel Egg Topper 1 x Tala Single Non Stick Egg Poacher 1 x Tala Egg Slicer 1 x Tala Poachette Ring Set Of 2 Non Stick 1 x Tala 2 Egg Rings 1 x Tala Colour Changing Egg TImer 1 x Tala Egg Spatula with Silicone Egg Ring 1 x Tala Egg Separator