Shabby Chic Interiors: Fabulous Decorating Ideas

Shabby Chic Interiors: Fabulous Decorating Ideas

Shabby chic interiors are a charming, romantic combination of softness and intimacy, elegance and charm. This charming, cottage-like style exudes the warm tones of southern France along with the welcoming warmth and friendly ambiance of New England. Cottage decor is very inviting and allows you to melt into the welcoming surroundings. Shabby chic decor accessories and exquisite shabby chic furniture create delightful combinations with other modern home furnishings, creating a look that is both comfortable and inviting.

Shabby chic interior design pays homage to the past – much like its predecessor, cottages in general were reserved for the wealthy. The cottages of shabby chic were designed to be both appealing and functional, often with a mixture of modern day conveniences and traditional old-world charm. Cottages in shabby chic often consist of a bed on the floor, a worn lace door, and a cozy lamp on the table; this gives the feeling of being tucked away in a quaint, charming cottage. Many cottages have been lovingly restored and feature wood flooring (often painted white to achieve a rural, yet cozy look), wood floors, and even wall paper that are peeling a little from age. Other popular features include authentic antique knick-knacks, hand-carved wood pieces, lace curtains, and wall tapestries (such as those with floral designs).

In shabby chic interiors, you’ll often see delicate floral accents, such as a floral print on a door knob or on a tablecloth. To create the feeling of a cottage, you can incorporate flowers of different hues and heights or create your own unique color scheme. To brighten things up, choose light fixtures that feature beads, crystals, or seashells. The placement of these accents will help to draw your eye upward, while the color palette of your furniture should be just the right shade to offset the floral accents. Other ideas for shabby chic decorating ideas include painting your walls (either with a bold stencil or in a paint that matches your shabby chic decor) to coordinate with your accent pieces; you can also use seashells or other decorative motifs to highlight your walls.

Another great way to create a unique decorating style is to coordinate your shabby chic interiors with vintage furniture. Vintage furniture (in the form of beds, dressers, mirrors, etc. ), can be updated by choosing a similar (or the same) vintage style headboard, or by adding vintage-themed pieces to the room. If you’d rather keep your vintage furniture “vintage” but want to keep your modern decor up to date, you can opt for shabby chic furniture that is inspired by the past (think shabby chic cottages and shabby chic furniture). You can update your vintage pieces with modern trends by simply choosing modern appliances (such as modern stoves and appliances), by selecting coordinating color schemes (using shabby chic paint colors and accessories), or by simply using modern fabrics and textures instead of lace or velvet.

You don’t have to live in the Victorian era or anything like that to decorate in shabby chic styles. Just because you “like” vintage design doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to create your shabby chic interiors! There are plenty of inexpensive (and even free) ways to accessorize your shabby chic furniture with modern flower designs that are just as cute (if not cuter!) As a matter of fact, today’s flower designs and their accompanying furniture (especially the bedroom furniture) are so sophisticated that they are often used as the “icing on the cake” when decorating a bedroom!

Of course, if you do choose to purchase shabby chic decorating ideas for your home, don’t forget the Internet. The Internet is a wealth of information on interior design, home decorating, home improvement, and a slew of other subjects that will help you create beautiful and practical interiors. Take advantage of online resources for great shopping tips, interior design inspiration, and the latest interior decorating trends. By taking your time and doing your homework, you can end up with a home that you love and that you will be able to enjoy for years to come!