Easy Tips for Cottage Interior Design

Easy Tips for Cottage Interior Design

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Easy Tips for Cottage Interior Design

Cottage interior designs are frequently full of neutral tones, vintage accessories and comfortable upholstery. Cottage interior styling has strong influence from, vintage Bohemian style, classic nautical, transitional and contemporary interior styles. Take the next step towards turning your dream cottage-themed home into reality by pinning cottage interior style mood board on Pinterest! This Pinterest community site is loaded with lots of interesting and inspirational ideas for decorating your cottage.

If you are planning to transform your cottage interior designs into reality, you have to plan and execute them efficiently. Here are some great tips to get you started on your cottage interior style: Make the most of your window areas – Hang curtains to let maximum natural light in and block as much as possible the direct rays of the sun. Use light colored, plain plywood instead of those with patterns or embroideries. If you are working on a fairly large interior, you can use curtain panels instead of draperies and hang wooden blinds to let maximum sunlight in.

Paint is a key factor when decorating a cottage. Find a paint color that suits both your tastes and your budget. Try to avoid very bright colors as they tend to make the space look smaller. Similarly, if you want to minimize sunlight while maximizing natural light in your cottage, you can opt for more subdued shades of paint color.

Choose fabrics with a soft, natural feel. The material should be durable enough and easy to maintain. You can find materials that have been treated with fade resistant sealants. Linen, cottons, cotton, and chenille are among the most popular choices for your cottage style interior. If you choose woven styles, make sure that the fabric is made from 100% cotton. You should also invest in steam iron that can properly press the seams of your fabric to ensure a firm finish.

Light fixtures like pendants, chandeliers, and track lighting are a must in your cottage design style. In fact, you should place several small ones in your main room. Place them in places where there are bright overhead lights, such as over the dining table or in the sitting room so that the effect is not too strong. Remember that cottage interior designs emphasize the light fixtures and minimize the lights in other areas, such as hallways and entryways.

Another tip for your cottage interior design style is to choose light coloured, plain wall coverings. Plain white wallpapers are a good choice and compliment your cottage interior designs. This includes white blinds and curtains. To create a country style, choose accessories that are patterned, geometric, and simple. Remember to use earthy tones and choose light colours for your furniture and accessories.