Creating Success With the Photography of Axel Vervoordt

Creating Success With the Photography of Axel Vervoordt

Over the past several decades, Axel Vervoordt has gained a reputation for creating beautiful, classic interior design that is “at home” in homes everywhere. He believes that homes are “town centers,” “places where people come together.” His work shows the beauty of simple homes located in tranquil environments, and he understands the importance of connecting with his customers.

The practice of interior design has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many homeowners have busy schedules that make finding time to visit an interior design studio impractical. With the advent of social media, online communities, and photography websites, it has become easier to share images of interior design work and post comments or questions on any work posted. While many website features are strictly functional, others allow customers to post their own personal pictures. This can give anyone interested an interesting look at the lifestyle of professional interior designers.

“People are becoming more interested in what they’re wearing, what they’re eating, the things they say about themselves on social media, etc. Everything around you is giving clues that you’re thinking about them,” says Vervoording. “We want to help you celebrate your individuality.” His designs offer a variety of choices in clothing and artwork, including custom prints. A customer can choose a piece of art or photograph and then have it framed or bequeathed as a gift.

“My clients bring me ideas and memories of memories and places. It’s a way to capture those moments when I’m giving advice or sharing information,” says Vervoording. “We work in our own little world, so the interiors are very private. When we have a client bring something in for the office, we’ll talk about it, make fun of it, smile at it. We take the most enjoyable aspects of each photo and present them in our work.”

The portraits of interior design will always reflect a designer’s true character. “My favorite photos are the ones where I can see how the customer sees themselves in the space. The client may be sitting at their desk and commenting, or perhaps they’re lying on the bed and pointing. I love to take pictures where the atmosphere is playful, or relaxed, reflective of my personality,” says Vervoording. “My goal is to deliver a room that enhances the person’s life, rather than hide who they are.”

This collection of works represents Vervoording’s vision for his interior design career. He began this collection in 2021 and has had the same goal since then. “It’s not about me. It’s about the space. I just bring out the best parts.”