Create Modern Tropical Interior Design Ideas Using Bamboo Rugs and Other Tropical Designs

Create Modern Tropical Interior Design Ideas Using Bamboo Rugs and Other Tropical Designs

Whether you are decorating a tropical resort, a beach house or a cottage on the Pacific Ocean, a tropical theme can enhance both its beauty and comfort. The exotic allure of tropical islands, coral reefs, white sand beaches and turquoise waters bring back memories of vacation breaks and the casual atmosphere of classic movies featuring such settings. With the right decorating theme, the bright colors and unique textures that come from the Caribbean, the Indo-Pacific or other warmer regions can be brought into your home interior design plans, bringing a sense of happiness and calm to your home. This article is a quick guide to some of the options for tropical home decorating, including how to decorate with tropical elements in a more contemporary manner, incorporating these elements into your daily life without changing the look completely.

Walls come in many different textures and colors, giving you many color options and tropical interior design ideas. There are several tropical wall painting ideas that you can use as well as more formal tropical wall decor ideas that can be used when more conventional walls are not an option. You will want to make sure that your walls are smooth to touch and your choice of paint should compliment the walls and the surrounding areas you choose. You can choose from a variety of colors such as: tan, white, beige, cream, coral, color tones of red and green, gold, soft pink, maroon and lime green.

Accessories and accents can help to bring the tropics indoors. These can include items like: tropical throws, floral wall decorations and other wall decor, tropical candle holders, large candles, picture frames, tropical wall artwork, bamboo baskets and other natural items. You may also wish to include accessories like: tropical island bags, bamboo baskets and other natural items. These bold colors and textures can easily combine with other bold colors, such as black and white, which provides a terrific contrast, or with other colors, which provide a warm and relaxing effect.

Another great tropical interior design ideas for your home is to incorporate the use of rugs. These can be in the form of palm trees that are cut and placed on the floor, or they can be thick pieces of straw mats that can be place under chairs and other tropical accessories. Rugs provide the perfect way to add a little extra tropical feel to the area you are decorating. They can have designs in vibrant colors, or simple patterns that enhance the overall look and feel of the room.

Images that you can incorporate into your tropical interior design ideas include those that depict flowers, tropical trees, palm trees, water and other natural elements. For example, a bamboo shade that is painted bright yellow would work well in the bedroom while a bamboo accent rug would work well in the living room. The same image could be used on the walls, with alternating bold colors of yellow and white. One could choose bold stripes on the walls in a contrasting color to add interest to the room. Alternatively, another idea is to use tropical fish as an image source, painting one wall in a light hue of fish color and the other in a darker hue.

Other ideas for the modern tropical interior design for your home include using bamboo accent rugs to accentuate the look and feel of a room. You can also find rugs that work well with tropical artwork. For example, a rug that depicts an ocean scene in vibrant green would be quite beautiful in a home where the walls are painted a light shade of green. These types of rugs are quite common in homes that have a tropical theme.