5 Modern Interior Design Styles for the Home

5 Modern Interior Design Styles for the Home

In this new series of “How-To” articles, urban designer Marcial Brichler gives home owners some specific advice for designing interiors that feel fresh, modern, and yes, even a bit hip. Homeowners can take some of these tips and apply them to their current space, or to create a new space entirely. Here s where experimenting with scale really comes into play.

Introduce large oversized items paired with the small, like art or lighting for subtle contrasts. A natural colored throw and matching pillows (in dark browns, blacks, and grays) coupled with a couch (a bit on the heavy side but not uncomfortable) will tie the whole look together and introduce some contemporary urban interior design elements. When paired with art that matches the theme, the urban, modern look can become truly chic.

This one combines bold color schemes with unique elements to create a modern vibe. Pair an earthy brown rug with interesting accent throw cushions, and you have the beginnings of a contemporary look that is fun without being stuffy. You can continue the earthy elements throughout the room by using southwestern touches, like brightly colored painted distressed wood, interesting metal knobs, and bold accents on your walls. The southwest style is popular among many homeowners who are moving away from the traditional design styles of past decades.

Mid-century modern decor was designed to make the most of space and maximize productivity, so here is a great way to combine some of those elements with modern design styles. The bold geometric lines and sleek metal finishes paired with earthy tones and warm colors make this look very inviting. Pair a rustic log coffee table with a distressed wooden floor and see the fantastic combination of texture and shape that is sure to be a winner.

While the bold colors and unique elements are a main part of this style, this isn’t a home that screams “makers.” Many homeowners who choose this design style tend to mix and match several different accessories and colors to give the home a unique flair. They are extremely popular among students who are just beginning to decorate, as it allows them to get a lot done in a limited amount of time. With minimal furniture, this urban, modern design style is ideal. As a student, however, you don’t want to crowd the space.

One of the latest trends in interior design styles is shabby chic decor. Shabby chic provides homeowners with a charming and nostalgic feel. Vintage furniture and decor, lace and knickknacks, and a natural color scheme add charm to this type of decor. Pair a beautiful wrought iron candle holder with a fuchsia accent wall or add a colorful rooster to a Tiffany lamp. Shabby chic decor doesn’t demand sophistication, but it does demand some love of the furnishings and accents. Add a few vintage items to your existing decor and you’ll have a home you’re proud to show off.